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  • Do you need an IB Tutor
    Our team of IB tutors and IB online tutors are at your beck and call available at any time We know each of our online tutors personally on account of having rigorously vetted them and are able to create perfect matches between you and the kind of tutor you want to accelerate your academic goals Our IB online tutors in the first few months focus on covering the content of your course and then using .... ...Read More
    Posted by: College Placer
  • Accessibility of online classes in COVID crisis in India
    India is teaching online Smartphones are busy with small kids These are the same kids who were used to play mobile games for hours But on ground study on mobile is not going well with students and parents as well One step below the top of the pyramid I observed many problems These are students who don t have personal laptop or computer Often they use parent s devices A friend of mine work from hom .... ...Read More
    Posted by: Career Guide
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